Buy Soft Dog Cones with Colorful Fabrics

Black w/ Paw Prints

Soft Dog Cones, Designer E-collars
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Black w/ Dog Toys

Black Soft Pet Cone with Colorful Dog Toys
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Pink Hawaiian

Pink Hawaiian Plastic E-collar alternative, Soft E-collar
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Red Hawaiian

Red Hawaiian Style Designer Fabric E-collar
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Burgundy Hawaiian

Burgundy Colored Fabric Soft Dog Cones
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Designer E-collars for your pet

Cuddle Cone Designer (Elizabethan) E-collars and Soft, Fabric Pet conesFind your choice of designer dog e collars and soft cones for your favorite dog or other pet. These fashionably designed e collars come in many different fabric patterns and have beautiful, high quality workmanship, made right here in San Diego, California, USA.

The Elizabethan collar (or cone as its sometimes called) is a protective device worn by your pet after a medical procedure to keep your animal from biting or licking its wound or scratching its head during the healing process and it's also great for pets with allergies. Often times this cone or e-collar is a hard shell plastic that can be uncomfortable for your pet, we became a distributor for Cuddle Cone to bring soft, comfy, designer dog and cat cones to the retail market.

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Cuddle ConeTM Fabric E-collars

Buy a stylish, soft and comfortable e-collar for your pet in a size that fits and a fabric pattern that shows more style than a plain solid color. Cuddle your pet with a soft fleece inner fabric and a colorful outer fabric in 5 styles.

The Cuddle ConeTM ecollar is made right here in San Diego, California and we're proud to offer their products for the first time online.

Often called a vet collar, medical cone, lamp shade collar, surgery cone, soft pet cone, or elizabethan collar, we hope to add these products in the future to a veterinary office or pet supply store near you. Currently the Cuddle Cone is only available for purchase online here in our online store.

Send an e-mail to if you'd like to know more about buying from us wholesale to add this item to your store.

What size e-collar should I buy?

The Cuddle Cone designer e-collar comes in 4 sizes, extra small (XS), small (S), medium (M) and large (L). The adjustable Velcro fasteners allow for a custom fit to your animal's unique size.

See sizes below

Size Animal Neck Size Cone Length
XS 8" - 10" 4"
S 12" - 14" 6"
M 13" - 15" 8"
L 15" - 17" 10"

Soft Cones & E-collars for Dogs and Cats